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Dramatists Guild Foundation's F*cked Up Play Fest!

Ever wanted to see a piece of theatre that doubles as a drinking game? Look no further!

In this year's Fucked Up Play Fest, I'll be directing the piece titled Gaylor by a fantastic playwright and great friend of mine, SMJ. Although each piece in this festival is short, they are wild, fun, and full of criteria for drinking along.

The rehearsal time for this piece is short, so it's been an amazing challenge to work with SMJ and the actors in such a fast-paced environment. I love translating my work as an actor into my work as a director, helping the actors grow in their roles in the same way I love growing in mine throughout a performance process. Plus, nothing's more fun than directing a show for the gay girlies and the Swifties alike ;)

Make sure to catch the show on Jan 14th 2023 @ 9:30p!

SMJ's site:

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